Classes limited to 8 adult students


Monday 6:00-9:00PM

October 5th to October 26th

Title-Introduction to the potters wheel

Teacher-Angel Elza

Class Description- Students will be introduced to the potters wheel.  You will learn and understand the process in creating functional works on the wheel. Lets get our hands muddy!


Tuesday 6:00-9:00PM

October 6th to October 27th

Title-Slab creatures from the sea

Teacher-Lisa Green

Class Description-Each student will choose from our library of sea creatures. Slabs of clay will be rolled and the fun will begin. You will take home your original and unique creation.


Wednesday 6:00-9:00PM

October 7th to October 28th

Title-Ceramics as a mindful practice

Teacher-Maria Emilia Steiner

Class Description-This is a ceramic project started by artist Lauryn Axelrod. With the intent of bringing reflection, storytelling and solutions to our current problems. In these times where it seems all is wrong with the world; the Shard Project is to reflect on how this affects us and our community. The messages written on our vases  will be of hope and love. This project is based on making ceramic objects that are intended to last thousands of years, long after the digital record is unreadable. These ceramic pieces, made from local clay materials from around the country, are an acknowledgement and a confession. The pieces tell the story of what happened to us, how we contributed to the crisis, - and what we can do to make it better. 


Thursday  6:00-9:00PM

October 8th to October 29th

Title-Independent studio

Teacher-Tim Smith and Barb Renneke

Class Description- Independent studio is designed for the artist that is self motivated and has base knowledge in the medium of clay. Allowing the artist to continue on their journey in clay.


Friday 6:00-9:00PM

October 9th to October 30th

Title-From Slab to Fab

Teacher-Victoria Hahn

Class Description-In this class, students will learn how to build a progression of mugs using slabs. Students will learn how to build 3 mugs-a basic cylindrical mug, a mug with a belly, and a mug with a belly, stylized lip, and a foot. Basic glazing techniques using tape will be used to finish each piece.


Saturday 9:00-12:00Noon

October 3rd to October 24th

Title- Slabtraction in action

Teacher- Jen Shamrock

Class Description-  The focus in this class will be hand building abstract forms using slabs and extruded clay allowing your imagination and creativity to run WILD.


Get a feel for the clay

Not sure that the potter's wheel is for you? Register for a one-time Try It! class. Spend 3 hours giving the wheel a spin. We supply materials, basic instruction and hands-on assistance. You get a feel for the clay and discover the magic of making functional objects on the potter’s wheel.

Because making pots is a long process, there isn’t enough time in that one class to finish any pieces. At the end of your Try It! class, if you decide you want more, you can register for a 6-week session and any pots you’ve made will be saved for you to finish late

Saturdays 12:00-3:00   CLAY FOR THE DAY.--60.00

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