Imagine a place...

that blends artist studio, a week at camp, and maybe a dash of encounter group and you'll get a sense of the Sanibel Pottery experience. For many long-time students, Sanibel Pottery is their personal clay studio -- a place to enjoy the clay, meet interesting people and observe the miracle of turning mud into functional objects.

What to expect

Our studio specializes in teaching wheel-thrown pottery and offers instruction for all levels of experience. Classes are informal and are kept small to guarantee a wheel for every student. Each class is three hours long.

Beginners get grounding in pottery fundamentals. They learn how to center a mound of clay, and how to throw, trim and glaze their pots. Generally, after one 4-week session, they can make mugs, bowls, and other basic forms.

Intermediate and advanced students work on refining skills and glazing techniques. They learn how to make larger and more complex forms, and explore methods for altering thrown pots to create ovals and other shapes.

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Sanibel Pottery

15560 McGregor Boulevard, 

Fort Myers, FL 33908


Raku Vase
by instructor
Tim Smith
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